Friday, April 8, 2011

FOR SALE - April 8

Hello and welcome to Purple Pumpkin's April Sale! I'm having a few issues with the blog tonight, so I have left off descriptions of the kits, just so I can get the sale up. Grrr...computers!!! Anyway, we've got a MASSIVE listing for you tonight, with loads of new kits, flowers, buttons and twine. With Easter coming up, we've made up some cute bunny buttons, and a cute easter kit too. Another new item...JUMBO spotty buttons...just $1.50. IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME ORDERING FROM PURPLE PUMPKIN? For any new customers all you need to do is have a look, see what you'd like to order, then send me an email to I'll email you back with your final amount including postage and payment details. It's that easy! You might want to get in quick though, as it does tend to sell out FAST! When you're placing your order, could you please also include your address. I know I've got a lot of people's addresses already, but if I get your address with the order, I can write out the envelope and pack it straight away. This will save me from having to look it up, so I can get through everything a lot quicker. International orders are welcome. Payment is by direct deposit or paypal. Postage for Australia is usually $1.20 for buttons and a few embellishment kits. Larger orders are a little bit more. International postage rates start from $2.20. Happy Shopping!!!! Fireman Teddy Kit - **SOLD OUT** Traffic Kit - **SOLD OUT** Mushroom Kit - **SOLD OUT** Vintage Kit **SOLD OUT** Spotty Kit - **SOLD OUT** Birds and Bugs Kit - **SOLD OUT** Mini Dinosaur Kit - **SOLD OUT**Mini Boat Kit -** SOLD OUT** Mini Girls Kit -**SOLD OUT** Mini Vintage Kit - **SOLD OUT** Mini Blue Owl Kit - **SOLD OUT** Mini Easter Kit - **SOLD OUT** DOILIES!! Mini Doilies - measuring 2-3cm each - pack of 15 - **SOLD OUT** Doily Packs - **SOLD OUT** Doliy Pack 1 Doily Pack 2 Doily Pack 3 Doily Pack 4 Doily Pack 5 Doily Pack 6

FLOWERS!! Singed Flowers with spotty button centres - $2.50 each (please specify which colour in your order)

Red with blue spot centre. **SOLD OUT**

Blue with red spot centre **SOLD OUT** Red with black spot centre **SOLD OUT** Blue with black spot centre **SOLD OUT**

Hessian Lollipop Flowers - each colour is sold in a pack of 2 ** SOLD OUT** RED ORANGE NATURAL BLUE YELLOW

Felt Flowers - **SOLD OUT**

Purple/Pink Orange/Yellow Pink/Pink Black/White Brown/Cream

These next flowers are assorted prices... **SOLD OUT**

Brown Felt and Lace Flower $2.50 each **SOLD OUT**

Brown with Fabric Button Flower - **SOLD OUT**

Blue/Red with Felt button -

Blue Fabric, Felt and Denim Flowers

Pink Fabric, Felt and Denim Flowers - **SOLD OUT**

Red Fabric, Felt and Denim Flowers **SOLD OUT**

Blue Felt and Lace Flowers - **SOLD OUT**

Pink Felt and lace Flowers -**SOLD OUT**

Layered Vintage Chenille Lollipop Flowers - Pink - for a pack of 2 **SOLD OUT**

Layered Vintage Chenille Lollipop Flowers - Brown - for a pack of 2 **SOLD OUT**

Layered Vintage Chenille Lollipop Flowers - Blue - for a pack of 2 **SOLD OUT**

Layered Vintage Chenille Lollipop Flowers - Orange - $4 for a pack of 2 **sold out**

TWINE - sold in 5 metre packs - $1.75 each

Yellow Green Brown Black Purple Light Green Pink Red Light Pink Aqua Orange

BIG BUTTONS - $2 each **SOLD OUT**

BIG BEES Blue Panda White Owl Pink Owl Blue Owl Green Owl

XL Panda

XL Bird - Green Background

XL Teddy BoyMixed Button Packs - $8.00 for 8 buttons

XL Spotty Buttons (largest size) -

Orange XL Green XL Red XL Pink XL Black XL BLUE XL Yellow XL

BUTTON 6 Packs - $6 each Spotty Mix 1 Spotty Mix 2 Spotty Mix 3 Spotty Mix 4 - $6

China Girl 6 Pack Hello Kitty 6 Pack

Buttons - Medium/Large Size - pack of 3 is $3.15 Pink Babushka **SOLD OUT** Yellow Owls

Aeroplane Teddy (you will receive 1 aeroplane teddy, 1 plane & 1 helicopter) **SOLD OUT*

Critters in Cars **SOLD OUT**

Cute Bugs

Oriental Rabbits Brown

Green Ladybug

Pink Cars

Green Owl Buttons

Pink Owl Buttons

Blue Owl Buttons

Oriental Rabbits

White Hedgehogs Olive Owls These buttons are the smaller size and are $2.95 for a pack of 3... Pink Bunnies Blue Bunnies Mini Bees - $2.95 (pack of 3) Pink Deer - $2.95 (pack of 3)

Critter Faces

Yellow Ladybug

Blue Ladybug

Little Deer

Mini Apples

Little Blue Hedgehogs


Sara said...

Got my order. SOOOO many gorgeous items to pick from.

Belinda said...

My order's in...and yes I have gone a little bit crazy!!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Loving them all - had to limit myself. xx

kellyjp29 said...

I hope I got my order in on time looks like all the ones I wanted are gone! wow!

Marie (Mazz) said...

yes I CAN understand how they go so quick!1 gotta be home I guess LOL just gorgeous as usual Sam xx