Our Buttons

At the moment, our buttons come in 6 different sizes, ranging from about 18mm for our smallest button, up to approximately 52mm for our largest button...

Our buttons are absolutely perfect for scrapbooking, card making, and other papercrafts. They are very lightweight, and they are flat on the back, making them easy to attach with double sided tape.

Spotty buttons are a bit of a staple around here, with colours to suit pretty much every layout. You'll always find spotty buttons in our kits, as well as in packs on their own.

And of course, there are our picture buttons!!

THESE are our most popular products, and because we only have a certain amount of each fabric to make these, the numbers are usually quite limited. once they're gone...they're gone, and we'll get something new in. We'd rather offer LOTS of variety, instead of offering the same old thing over and over again. At every monthly sale at our online store, you'll see new button designs, some only available in kits, and some on their own. But remember, you need to be quick, because we can't guarantee that we'll have it available again!