Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here's the ticket!!! ;P

G'day everyone!

I've been loving using Purple Pumpkin's tickets lately on all my projects!

Let me show you a couple of examples of how I've been using them, just recently...

Here on my layout "Chocolate", I've layered Hot Pink, White and Orange tickets in like a pattern. They have been slightly distressed with my fingernails after they were adhered - it's really that easy!

I've also got an uber cute Spotty Dotty Button and a Purple & White Twine Bundle Wad on there too. :)

Secondly, here's my layout "Park Life"...

Here I have just scrunched up a line of connected tickets (a little rip here and there may occur - which looks pretty cool!) and then glued it onto my layout as a design element. The tickets reflect the wind and the movement of the photograph. Fun!

I've decorated my chippie tree with a gorgeous PP Spotty Dotty Button...

Plus I've also used a cute yellow PP Mini Doily too (they are absolutely adorable!).

Now, check out this cool pic of the ticket colours available last sale...

Yay, right?! And for $1.50 for a strip of 20 - why not grab lots and lots so you've always got the right colour handy for your projects?

Well, that's all from me today, I hope I may of inspired you in someway to rip out your Purple Pumpkin stash and maybe even get excited (like me!) about tickets!

Have a lovely day! :)


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