Monday, February 6, 2012

five people, twelve times

 Last year I decided to do the 'five people, twelve times' thing.
Which is where I would take one photo per month of our family together...
Last year I failed,
This year I have started again, lets hope this time I stick with it,
AND scrap the photo each month!
This is my first photo, taken on Australia Day... 
Not a perfect photo by any means, but perfect to me :)
A close up of the Purple Pumpkin products used,
this was just a nice simple layout, and didn't call for much embellishing, 
so I just have the one ticket, a spotty button, and a loop of twine!


sophie said...

great idea !!

Teryl said...

Love this idea, I should try this. Have missed one of Jan but maybe could take 2 in Feb :)

Sandra said...

that is great!