Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hi From Sarah G :)))

Well, it has taken me all morning to download this page - blogger is not playing nicely this morning for me!! Anyway, I'd like to share this page with you. It is a simple one (by my standards) but I really love the photos and I wanted them to really be the focus of my page. I took them on our summer vacation back in January. We took the girls to visit a vintage railway. It was one of those beautiful summer days when everything feels perfect. The girls were wearing their summer dresses and hats and they reminded me of one of my favourite childhood stories - the Railway Children.
 I wanted to make the page look girlie and a little bit 'modern vintage'. I used Kaisercrafts gorgeous ''Tigerlilly' collection as my base, and dressed it up with a little hessian (frayed at the edges), spray ink and ofcourse that absolutely gorgeous Purple Pumpkin button. Now I have had this button in my stash for a while just waiting for that perfect page to use it on - and this was it! I mounted the button on the reverse side of a Purple Pumpkin die-cut circle which gives it a 'lacy' edge and really makes it stand out as a feature on my page. I will try to upload a close up photo - cross your fingers that it works :)

OMGosh it worked!!! and it only took 10 mins to download!
Isn't this just the cutest button ever?
Hope you are all enjoying the stash that you bought at the last sale. My favs were those cloud buttons and the ballerinas, oh and I really loved the black set ....


Lizzy said...

Sarah this is beautiful, your photos are gorgeous I can see why they remind you of the Railway Children.

I love the Railway Children I haven't seen it for years, my boys use to watch whenever it was on TV. I should try and see if I can find it somewhere I think my granddaughter would like it.

Sarah said...

Thanks Lizzy - I think your grand-daughter would probably love it!

Katie said...

I love this page!!! Especially the XL PP goes so perfectly with your photos!! Great job on the layering too I love the textures you used :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Katy Marie :)))