About Us

So, back in mid 2010, my mum (Sandra) and I, (Samantha) decided that we wanted to start a little business together, based on something that we both loved - CRAFT! My passion is scrapbooking, and Mum loves to sew. We originally started up on etsy, selling a small variety of handmade crafty bits and pieces. Our most popular items, were our flat backed fabric covered buttons, and handmade flowers, so we soon decided to really focus on creating unique handmade embellishments for scrapbooking. One thing we soon noticed, was that a lot of our sales were from people emailing us orders, and not wanting to buy through etsy. And so our little blog shop was born!

We were a little nervous before our first sale. We hadn't come across a blog shop before, and had no idea if anyone would even look at it...imagine our surprise when we had pretty much sold out by the next day! We had a sale on the blog almost every month, and each sale was bigger than the last, until it became obvious that we had outgrown our blog shop. So in January 2012, we opened our online store, where our monthly sales are now held, and where a small selection of buttons, twine and tickets are available ALL THE TIME.

Since that first sale in July 2010, we have worked really hard to find the best fabrics, and make the cutest embellishments that we can. We love putting together gorgeous little colour co-ordinating kits, based around the buttons we make.

A lot of thought, care and love has gone into making our embellishments, and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we have enjoyed making them!