Thursday, September 30, 2010

1 Day To Go!!!

Check out all these new goodies that will be available on Friday night!!!

And I have soooo much more new stuff to photograph! I'll be back in the morning for one final sneak peek before the full reveal tomorrow night.

See you then!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Sneakies...

Just a few more little sneaks of what will be for sale THIS FRIDAY NIGHT...

Back tomorrow with some more sneaks!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sneak Peeks!!!

It's sneak peek time, and I've got 3 little sneaks to show you today. Firstly, I've been working on some Halloween spotty button and felt flowers...

Some scrummy vintagey brown goodies...

And some cute NEW little plane and helicopter buttons. How cute is that lil teddy in the plane?

Ok, gotta go. A big storm is rumbling around outside so I think I'd better get off here NOW!!! Be back tomorrow with some more sneaks :) :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Purple Pumpkin Sightings!

It's all systems go here at the moment, with crazy amounts of embellishment making going on. It's all ready to be photographed now, so look out for the sneaky peekys tomorrow. I've just quickly popped around and have spotted Purple Pumpkins on these blogs...

Michelle Rogers -
Roxy -
Sara -

Email me your addresses ladies, and I'll get your prizes out to you :) :)

Ok, I'd better get back to it. Only 4 days to go!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inspiration Sunday...

Good morning scrappers! I have one last lot of layouts to show you before we start the sneak peeks for Friday's update. Just have a look at what these talented scrappers have created using Purple Pumpkin embellishments...

The following 4 layouts have been created by Belinda Spencer...

The flowers from the Pink Owls kit look beautiful on this layout, and how cute are the little owl buttons on these next ones...?

You can see more of Belinda's stunning work on her blog HERE.

These next two layouts are from the fabulous Anne Patterson...

I just love how Anne uses the Licorice Allsorts on her pages, and how cute does this Pink Spot Ladybug button look on this next one...?

You can see more of Anne's work on her blog HERE.

Next up are these two beautiful layouts created by Leonie Dawson...

I just love how Leonie has used the Vintage Mini Kit on this layout, and check out that cute little Mushroom Button on this next one...

You can see more of Leonie's work on her blog HERE.

And last but not least for today we have a layout from the very talented Debbie Burns...

I love how Debbie has added some tiny pearls to the floral fabric button on her layout, this is just beautiful. You can see more of Debbie's work on her blog HERE.

Thanks so much to everyone who has let me share their layouts this week. Your projects are gorgeous and so very inspiring :)

Ok, I'm off to see if I can find some Purple Pumpkins. Hope you have a great day!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Purple Pumpkin Sightings!!

Well, here I am, back already! I have been popping in to some followers blogs, and have found Purple Pumpkins on these ones...

Ali -
Jamie -
Chantal -

Email me your addresses girls, and I'll pop a little something in the mail for you :) :)

Now, just something you might want to know. When I am checking out the blogs, I go to the followers section at the side there. There are 280 of you FABULOUS people, but there were so many that I clicked onto, to check out the blog...and there was NO BLOG LINK!!!!! Make sure you go into your blogger profile, and EDIT IT, to SHOW YOUR BLOG, or else I, or anyone else, isn't able to visit you. And if I can't visit your blog...I can't see your Purple Pumpkin...and I can't give you a prize!

I will be doing a bit more blog hopping tomorrow, with some MORE PRIZES to give away, so make sure you've got those Purple Pumpkins on your blogs, and that your blog is linked on your followers profile.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now Here's LOTS of Layout Inspiration...

Ok crafty friends, here's a tonne of layouts, all using Purple Pumpkin embellies, for you to be inspired by. Enjoy...

This layout is by Sue Plumb, featuring a cute little Green Spot Ladybug Button.

You can see more of Sue's gorgeous layouts on her blog HERE.

These next layouts are by Becci Sundberg. I'm not sure why they have come out so small, but make sure you click on them for a closer look, they are just beautiful...

How cute do all the little Owl Buttons look on these layouts?

You can see more of Becci's layouts on her blog HERE.

And these next 5 fantastic layouts are by Amanda Taylor. Not sure why they are coming out so tiny either, but they are just lovely...

You can see more of Amanda's fabulous layouts HERE.

Okey doke. I am off for a bit of a random hop to see if I can find any Purple Pumpkins. Back soon!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is There A Purple Pumpkin On Your Blog?

Here's a fun little comp! See the Purple Pumpkin button/badge on the sidebar there? Well, I'm going to start randomly popping into some followers blogs, and if I spot a Purple Pumpkin on your blog, you can win a cute button pack, or a pack of button topped felt flowers!

So if you haven't already, make sure you pop that Purple Pumpkin on your blog (instructions HERE), and make sure you have a link to your blog in your followers profile for your chance to win. I will start popping into random blogs tomorrow!!!

Want To See Some FABULOUS Layouts?

I LOVE it when you guys send your layouts in! It inspires me so much to see what you all do with your Purple Pumpkin embellishments. Just makes me want to drop everything and scrap!!! Just check out some of these gorgeous layouts...

This layout is by Sarah Wilkins, isn't it just gorgeous? Here's a close up of the Little Deer button she used...

You can see more of Sarah's lovely layouts on her blog HERE.

Now, check out the Hedgehog Button on this next layout...

This layout is by Lydia Jackson. I love how Lydia used hedgehogs on this page about her cute son's spiky hair! You can check out more of Lydia's gorgeous work on her blog HERE.

Now, I'll be back tomorrow with some more gorgeous layouts from some more talented Purple Pumpkin customers. Remember, if you'd like to share your layouts on here, just send me an email to with your layouts and a link to your blog.

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, September 17, 2010

And The Next Update Is...

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying playing with your Purple Pumpkin goodies. Your next chance to get some more will be...

Friday October 1st

I decided to push it back a week, because of the kids being on school holidays. But that means I'll have an extra week to create, and I have some awesome new things in store :)

So...for next week on the Purple Pumpkin blog, I would love to feature some fabulous customer layouts to inspire everyone with. If you have some layouts using Purple Pumpkin embellies that you'd like to share, please send me an email to with pics of your layouts and a link to your blog if you have one. I can't wait to see what you've all been creating!!

Hope you have a happy, scrappy weekend!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thank You!

Well....what a weekend!! I am still in shock at the huge amounts of kits and buttons that went so quickly. I was thinking that I had so many that they would sit there for a few days, and that people could shop at their leisure. But OMG! As soon as the update loaded on Friday night I went and made myself a cuppa, before settling down in front of the computer again...and there were 32 emails already waiting for me. 32 orders in 8 minutes!!! And that was just the start of it!! Holey Moley, and they just kept on coming all night long. I am so very grateful to everyone for supporting Purple Pumpkin. I have plans to get even bigger and better, and I can't wait to show you all the new goodies I'm working on. For the next day or two though I will be very busy packing and posting :)

Now, while you are waiting for your orders to arrive, how about entering a challenge for your chance to win a Purple Pumpkin embellishment kit? This month PP is sponsoring...


123 Challenges

There is a different kit on offer at each site, so make sure you head on over and take a look. They both have really great challenges this month :)

And, if you haven't had a chance to order anything yet, there are a few button packs and a couple of mini kits still available, so just check out the post below.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

For Sale!!!!


Finally!!! I've got it all loaded and ready to go!! As you will see, todays update is absolutely MASSIVE!

Returning know what to do!

For any new customers all you need to do is have a look, see what you'd like to order, then send me an email to . I'll email you back with your final amount including postage and payment details. It's that easy! You might want to get in quick though, as it does tend to sell out FAST!

International orders are welcome.

Postage for Australia is usually $1.20 for buttons and a few embellishment kits. Larger orders are a little bit more. International postage rates start from $2.20.

Happy Shopping!!!!


Good Times Kit - $21 - 2 fabric and chenille flowers, 1 yellow doily, 1 blue doily, 1 red singed bloom, 1 blue singed bloom, 1 red spot ruffle flower, 1 satin and tulle layered flower, 2 demin and fabric flowers, 4 buttons, 3 fabric button topped felt flowers, 12 inch red check ribbon, 12 inch blue check ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Girl Travel Kit - $12.50 - 1 fabric and tulle flower, 1 pink yoyo flower, 2 fabric and denim flowers, 1 pink doily, orange spotty button, pink spotty button, black spotty button (not pictured...oops!) 2 felt and button flowers, pink car button, campervan with pink suitcase button, 12 inch pink check ribbon, 1 metre pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Springtime Girl - $16.50 - 1 large fabric ruffle flower, 1 velvet flower, 1 yellow doily, 2 denim and fabric flowers, 2 pink floral buttons, pink spotty button, yellow spotty button, blue spotty button, purple spotty button, 5 felt and button flowers, 12 inches yellow braided trim, 12 inches pink check ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Blue Cats Kit - $17.50 - 2 yoyo flowers, 1 purple doily, 1 fabric rosette, 2 denim and fabric flowers, 1 blue velvet button, 2 purple spotty buttons, 2 blue spotty buttons, 2 blue cat buttons, 6 felt and button flowers, 1 metre blue pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Travel Boy Kit - $15 - 1 fabric and chenille flower, 1 yoyo flower, 1 green spotty denim flower, 1 blue spotty denim flower, blue doily, 2 blue cars buttons (as pictured) denim covered button, light blue, dark blue and bright blue spotty buttons, green spotty button, 2 felt and button flowers, 1 metre blue pom pom, 12 inch blue stripe ribbon **SOLD OUT**

Blue Owls Kit - $16 - (sorry for the rotten pic for this one!) 1 large ruffle flower, 1 fabric and chenille flower, 1 yoyo flower, 1 velvet flower, 1 fabric and denim flower, 1 blue velvet button, light blue spotty button, 2 blue floral buttons, 4 owl buttons, 1 metre blue lace. **SOLD OUT**

Pink Owls Kit - $15 - 1 large ruffle flower, 1 fabric and chenille flower, 1 yoyo flower, 1 6 petal flower, 3 pink owl buttons, bright pink spotty button, light pink spotty button, pink floral button, bright pink floral button, pink check button, 1 metre pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Citrus Owls - $13.50 - 2 fabric and chenille flowers, 2 denim and fabric flowers, 1 yellow doily, 2 green owl buttons, 2 white owl buttons, orange swirl yellow button, yellow spotty button, orange spotty button, green spotty button, 1 metre yellow lace. **SOLD OUT**


Vintage Mini - $6 - 1 large ruffle flower, 1 Babushka button, 1 dark brown floral button, 1 dark brown spot button, 12 inches braided trim. **SOLD OUT**

Pink Mini - $6.50 - 1 fabric and chenille flower, 1 yoyo flower, pink checked button, pink floral button, NEW pink ladybug button, 12 inch pink pearl trim. **SOLD OUT**

Travel Girl Mini - $6 - 1 fabric and tulle layered flower, pink spotty button, purple spotty button, orange spotty button, green car button, 12 inch pink gingham ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Travel Boy Mini - $6.00- 1 yoyo flower, 1 denim and fabric flower, light blue spotty button, dark blue spotty button, blue car button, 12 inches blue braided trim. **SOLD OUT**

Robots Mini - $6 - 1 denim and fabric flower, 2 mini robots buttons, black spot button, navy spot button, red spot button, 12 inches red gingham ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Citrus Mini - $6 - 2 denim and fabric flowers, 1 mini owl button, orange spotty button, yellow spotty button, 12 inches yellow braided trim **SOLD OUT**

Fruit Salad - $5.50 - Each pack will contain 6 yummy "fruit salad" felt and button embellies. **SOLD OUT**


These are brand new this month, and are only available in 4 assorted colour combos for now.

These will be sold in packs of 3 and 6.

3 packs will be $3.95. 6 packs are $7.50. Please just specify which size pack you would like when ordering...

Good Times Spotty Button Felt Flowers **SOLD OUT**

Pink Spotty Button and Felt Flowers **SOLD OUT**

Travel Girl Spotty Button and Felt Flowers **SOLD OUT**

Funky Brights Fabric Button and Felt Rounds **SOLD OUT**


Mixed Multi Packs of Buttons are $7.50 for 8 buttons...

Spotty Button Mix **SOLD OUT**

Blue Mix Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Pink Mix Buttons **SOLD OUT**

These packs of buttons are $2.95 for 3...

Blue Cars **SOLD OUT**

Pink Cars **SOLD OUT**

Green Owl Buttons ** SOLD OUT**

White Owl Buttons **SOLD OUT**
Blue Owl Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Mice **SOLD OUT**

Cars (car images may vary but all are very cute) **SOLD OUT**

Planes **SOLD OUT**
Oriental Rabbits **SOLD OUT**

Brown Birds Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Blue Cats Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Owls on a Branch **SOLD OUT**

Happy Mushrooms **SOLD OUT**

Teddies and Squirrels (you will receive 2 teddys and 1 squirrel) **SOLD OUT**

Blue Bears **SOLD OUT**

Pink Bears **SOLD OUT**

Babushka Dolls **SOLD OUT**

White Hedgehogs **SOLD OUT**

Pink Hedgehogs **SOLD OUT**
Froggy Prince **SOLD OUT**

Cat Face Blue **SOLD OUT**

Cat Face Lilac **SOLD OUT**

These buttons are a smaller size and are $2.75 for 3...

Little Pandas **SOLD OUT**

Little Deer **SOLD OUT**

Little Robots **SOLD OUT**

Little Blue Hedgehogs **SOLD OUT**

Pink Spot Ladybugs **SOLD OUT**
Green Spot Ladybugs **SOLD OUT**

Mixed Kids **SOLD OUT**

Mini Apples **SOLD OUT**

Outer Space **SOLD OUT**

Mini Houses **SOLD OUT**

Mini Birds with Flower **SOLD OUT**

Pink Pigs **SOLD OUT**