Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well, we've had so many requests for washi tape lately, that we've finally caved in and got some! We've started off with 50 different types of washi, and will be adding to the range soon.

These were only added to the shop today, and some of them are already selling out, so get in quick if you'd like to grab some of our first shipment of gorgeous washi tapes! You can find them in the shop HERE.

And if you're on FACEBOOK, make sure you check out our washi giveaway!! Click HERE for all the details.


Anonymous said...

I think I am the only person who doesn't own Washi Tape :(

Anonymous said...
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Jessica S said...

Fabulous colors, patterns and price. I think the Washi will be a huge sorry Facebook is being stubborn...good luck!
Jessica S

alethea said...

Tracy, you're definitely not the only one that doesn't own Washi tape.. I don't either!!! Sorry about the giveaway on facebook... :( Love all these washi tapes...I am hanging out for paperific in a couple of weeks but if I don't spend all my money there I'll definitely get soe washi tape from you guys!! HUgsxx

callyannc said...

So cool. I do not own any yet! TFS CallyAnn