Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some Project Life from Lizzy Hill

Hey there! I thought I'd share how I use my Motex writer when I do my Project Life pages. It's GREAT for 'adding information' to photos:
 I like doing little 'corners' to also add more information!
 Sometimes if you've used a 6x4" card...then need to move can simply cut it to fit in 2 pockets!
 I've discovered, when using my Purple Pumpkin fabric covered buttons, I can 'squash' them a bit, then they fit more easily into the pockets...& they still look great! I've used some Washi tape above...the Motex writer below:
 Below is my whole page. I do my PL per MONTH. Seriously, not enough happens for me to bother weekly! That's the beauty of 'use' it how it suits best:)
 And here's my other page...I use PL for's basically a journal with pictures. I like writing, as you can see [sorry!!!] it 'works' for me. I would LOVE to be a neat PLer, & type up my text, but that's just not me - I'm also a bit of a lazy scrapper!!! And I figure hand writing is part of me, too:)
Whatever, however you use PL, I hope this has shown a little of how I use those Purple Pumpkin Shop 'basics' that we all love! I'll be back in the future with some of the lovely new shop bits & bobs to hopefully get you inspired some more
~ thanks for looking ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


Jimjams said...

Lovely to see someone using PL on a monthly basis - almost tempts me!!!

Love the tape writer!

Lizzyc said...

Wonderful Lizzy! Gota love how you type up your posts too!

Sandra said...

I love that you use your own handwriting, it makes things like PL very special for future readers.

Elaine coustley said...

Great project life pages. Been thinking about doing a life journal but that's as far as I've got. x