Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here's something fun to try (if you dare!) ;)


Hello everyone!  Chantal here with you today.  This layout I'm sharing with you today was such a fun layout to create!  I have used my acetate and paint background technique, which just so happens to be featured as the "technique of the month" in the newest issue of Scrapbooking Memories. :) 

So after creating my background, I've fussy-cut my photo and super-imposed it over the top.  This gives it that extra wow-factor... and really makes the lovely photo stand out I think. :)

Okay now brace yourselves, this is a something perhaps not for the faint hearted (LOL)...


The doilies and spotty dotty buttons are, of course, from Purple Pumpkin's fab store.  But hmmmm.... what's happened to that pale blue Spotty Dotty button?!  Yes, that Spotty Dotty button on the left HAS in fact been cut!  LOL!  With normal scissors too - they are suprisingly easy to cut!!!  So super fun!!!

I've also used some yummy Yellow Baker's Twine, tied in knots and stapled across my page for a bit of a "grounding" factor.

One more closie..

I love using every last piece of my completely cut-up doilies.  See it peeking out there above my sun?  It just gives a nice subtle tad of depth.

Soooo what do you think?  Do you want to get your scissors and cut up a Spotty Dotty or two? ;)

Have a fantastic day and TFL!!! :D



Lizzy Hill said...

Just read your article last night in SBM & thought you were going to dare me to do that....not that I would! Glad you shared HOW you cut your button.....was wondering from your last post! But my buttons are too precious! What if it doesn't work & I waste it!!!!!!!!! Just can't bring myself to do it.........:):):):):):)
BTW this is an awesome LO.... As always!!!!!!!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

LOL - thanks Lizzy! I know it's pretty brutal (cutting the buttons) but I just can't help myself! Bwahahaha!!! :D

Gwen Wruck said...

FABO layout Chantal, love the bright colours and I read your tutorial too, so great of you to share!! As for cutting buttons, I'm not sure but, **deep breath**, I guess nothing ventured, nothing gained :)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Thanks Gwen! :D And go for it! ;)