Friday, June 15, 2012

Girly Girl

Happy Friday Everyone!! Woot Woot, My most fav day of the week.

A few weeks ago our lovley Chantal shared a super bright layout with us (yes, brighter than her usual hehe) AND I was inspired to step out and challenge myself with a bit of colour too.  There are so so many beautiful bright PP buttons to choose from, but funny enough, I went with Pink.... so much for stepping out of my comfort zone!! 

Close ups first...

I have "roughed up" my denim and pink flower and added Gesso then switched up the centre button for a spotty button.  I've added some twine and 2 more 1" buttons to round out the cluster.

These heart buttons are so cute, this one I have simply added to the centre of a butterfly to create a feature.

and the full layout, no sun glasses required :)

I also added a cute Purple Pumpkin resin flower to the centre of the 2nd butterfly and the brightest doilies I could find in my stash.  I think this has to be the brightest layout I've ever done!!

I also have a quick card to share I created for a dear friend... I've been 'saving' this jumbo Pooh button for a special occasion; it is the sweetest thing eva!  Definitely adding more of these to my list for the next sale. 

Now those are more my colours!! :)



Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh wow!!! I totally love your bright and colourful layout!!! It's stunning! You layer so well - love it! You have a very distinctive style and it's great! I think those heart buttons are gorgeous! I haven't got those ones! Lovely card too - love the classic vibe. :D

Helen Tilbury said...

Lovely work girls!!