Monday, September 5, 2011

Mistakes?! by Sar

Do you ever make mistakes when you're scrapbooking?? Like sticking something where it doesn't quite go, or coming back to a page and finding out that your 3 year old has scribbled on it?

This happens to me all the time with the making mistakes part but my theory is THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN SCRAPBOOKING as we have the luxury of finding something else to stick over our 'mistake', or adding more and more until it looks right!

The second one with the child scribbling on a layout doesn't happen quite so much...but with this page, it did! I had my page all finished and then went to do something (as we mothers do, I got distracted!) only to come back and find that my 3yo Bronte had drawn on my page in the bottom right hand corner of the layout. My first reaction was to yell and scream and for Bronte to get in trouble, but I thought about it for a second a realised she was probably just trying to be a little bit creative herself and I couldn't punish her for that, could I!?

So instead, I explained to Bronte that in future she shouldn't use textas on Mummy's scrapbook pages and should use her own box of scrapping goodies...and I went about sticking more on my page to 'cover up the mistake'. Alls well that ends well...and I'm still happy with how my layout ended up (except for the big crease in my nephew's head, but thats another story!!!).

Baby Face using a gorgeous large monkey button and a beautiful orange & yellow singed flower.

And a closeup of the Purple Pumpkin yummies...

Thanks for visiting Purple Pumpkin today, and I hope you too take on the belief that there are no mistakes in scrapbooking!!


Nat said...

Oh, what a funny post! I haven't had the artistic talent of my two year old added to a LO, yet! I am waiting for that day though and when it does I can think back to this post and stay calm.

Anonymous said...

It happens to me a lot. The most recent was a layout I did of my youngest grandson playing with Lego. I misspelled Lego as Leggo and was shattered when my daughter pointed out the mistake. I lifted the second 'g' no worries and I could put the 'o' right on the spot, but when I tried to lift the 'o' the paper tore a little. I just stuck some green frogs on the page to cover the booboo. This is the link to the layout.

Toni Cartwright said...

I can say that thank god my boys don't do that!!!! LOL
but i can say that i do stick things where they should not go or dont look right there but i seem to do what you do and that is, just find things to cover it up!!! LOL
YOU have done real well on this LO, covering you lil Bronte's artistic work!!!

I go by CHIC said...

Oh Im wetting myself laughing reading how did the line end up and that gorgeous little mans head? LOL My 2nd last bloig post was a layout I explained needed a little fixing and adapting. My 3year old princess decided when it was almost done that it need a blob of aqua and red paint. A large blog. I was able to work with it though and the layout actually turned out really well and i was really happy with it. I was annoyed at miss 3 to start with but now the page just feels extra special because she added to it and actually made it better. :-)Here is the link if you want to check out her handy work :-)

stacey said...

My darling 2.5 yr old daughter has been COLOURING IN on my pages latley, but only on the photos, well just the eyes really, i dont know what it is , maybe she doesnt like them looking at her

Sar said...

Thanks for sharing your stories girls, was great to go over and check out your layouts with 'mistakes!'. And the line in my baby nephew's head was just my stupid kit storage and simple carelessness!!!! Thanks for all your comments. xx