Friday, August 13, 2010

For Sale...!!!

Hi everyone! I've had a busy, busy day, getting everything ready for tonight. My photography skills aren't the best, lol, but finally I've got it all ready to go.
The Embellishment Kits are bigger and better than ever, with more goodies in them for you to play with. There are new buttons, new fabric flowers, and hand dyed doilys too. I've made up 4 different types of Mini Embellishment Kits this time too, for those who might only want a few things from each range. I hope you like it all!!!

Returning know what to do!

For any new customers all you need to do is have a look, see what you'd like to order, then send me an email to . I'll email you back with your final amount including postage and payment details. It's that easy! You might want to get in quick though, as it does tend to sell out FAST!

International orders are welcome.

Postage for Australia is usually $1.20 for buttons and a few embellishment kits. Larger orders are a little bit more. International postage rates start from $2.20.

So are you ready??? Here we go........

Embellishment Kits - Bigger and better than ever!

Boys Mega Kit - $21 - 1 blue check yoyo flower, 1 blue spotty yoyo flower, 4 denim and fabric flowers (light blue, dark blue, green & red), 4 felt & button flowers, 1 denim button, 1 green spot button, 1 red spot button, 1 blue spot button, 1 green robot button, 1 blue robot button, 1 rocket button, 1 ufo button, 1 car button, 1 plane button, 1 boy with cap button, 12 inch puppy dog tails twill ribbon, 12inch outer space twill ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Heritage Green - $15 - 1 doily, 1 crochet flower, 1 fabric and chenille layered flower, 1 grey rosette, 1 khaki green rosette, 1 denim and fabric flower, 1 denim button, 1 green spot button, 1 beige spot button, 1 brown spot button, 1 fabric print button, 1 satin and fabric layered flower, 1 metre brown pom pom, 60cm cream lace. **SOLD OUT**

Liquorice Allsorts - $7 - You will receive 7 layered felt and button allsorts - 1 each of red, white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green. **SOLD OUT**

Blue Owls Kit - $12.50 - 2 blue owls buttons, 1 white owl Button, 2 blue spotty buttons, blue yoyo flower, crochet flower, hand dyed blue doily, 1 rosette, 1 fabric and chenille layered flower, 1 metre blue lace, 1 metre blue pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Pink Owls Kit - $13.50 - 2 pink owl buttons, 1 white owl button, 1 satin and organza flower with pearl bead centre, 1 fabric and chenille layered flower, pink spotty button, pink floral button, 30cm pink pearl trim, yoyo flower, twisted rosette, hand dyed doily, 30cm pink check ribbon, 1 metre pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Citrus Owls Kit - $12.50 - 2 green owl buttons, 1 white owl button, yellow velvet ruffle flower, twisted rosette, hand dyed doily, 1 orange spot button, 1 yellow spot button, 1 orange bubble dot button, 1 apple button, fabric and chenille layered flower, 1 metre green lace, 20cm white pom pom trim. **SOLD OUT**

Mini Embellishment Kits...

Pink Mini Kit - $6 - 1 pink frog button, 1 denim and fabric flower, 1 satin and organza bloom, 1 hand dyed mini doily, 1 felt and button flower, 1 metre pink pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Yellow Mini Kit $6 - 1 felt, fabric and chenille layered flower, 1 denim and fabric flower, 1 mini apple button, 1 mini white owl button, yellow spotty button, 1 hand dyed mini doily, 30cm yellow check ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Orange Mini Kit - $6 - 1 fabric and chenille layered flower, 1 denim and fabric flower, 1 mini white owl button, 1 orange spot button, 1 orange floral button, 1 hand dyed mini doily, 1 metre white lace. **SOLD OUT**

Woodland Critters Mini Kit - $6 - 1 denim and fabric flower, 1 crochet mini flower doily, 2 felt and button flowers, 1 hedgehog button, 1 owl on a branch button, 1 little deer button, brown pom pom. **SOLD OUT**


Spotty Mix - $7.50 - Mixed pack of 8 spotty buttons, assorted colours **SOLD OUT**

These buttons are $2.95 for a pack of 3...

NEW Blue Cats **SOLD OUT**

NEW Hedgehogs **SOLD OUT**

NEW Planes **SOLD OUT**

NEW Blue Owls **SOLD OUT**

NEW Oriental Rabbits **SOLD OUT**

Pink Owls **SOLD OUT**

Green Owls **SOLD OUT**

White Owls **SOLD OUT**

These buttons are 2.75 for a pack of 3...

NEW Cap Boys **SOLD OUT**

NEW Blue Headband Girls (or are they boys?) **SOLD OUT**

Pink Headband Girls **SOLD OUT**

NEW Mixed Kids **SOLD OUT**

Little Robots **SOLD OUT**

NEW Mini Apples **SOLD OUT**

NEW Outer Space **SOLD OUT**

Have fun shopping, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


Tracie said...

Here I am! Email on it's way.

Belinda said...

Oh beautiful stuff!!!! Have sent an Email already. YIPPEE!!!! B-)

Becci Sundberg said...

Awesome kits Sam! really wish it wasn't pay week next week!

Sara said...

I have my order in, fingers crossed I got what I wanted :)

aussiescrapper said...

Love it all Sam, I've got my order in. Love Melxx

Jenevieve said...

I just found your blog, you make so many lovely things! :)

Maria said...

You have been busy...great stuff!! love it all!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh love them all !! clever girl xx

amanda73 said...

wow. lovin all your stuff sam...........gorgeous, and you know ive done my order lol..........check your email lol... im getting impatient to see if you got my email....dont wanna miss out on anything lol

Debbie said...

Gosh girl you're doing some serious damage to my wallet! Got my order in first thing this morning and can't wait until my package arrives!!!!

aussiescrapper said...

Who needs ETSY Sam, love Mel

Nattie said...

oh no! I missed out! Love the girls and mixed kids button!! i should follow this blog more closely ;)

Anonymous said...

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