Friday, July 23, 2010

For Sale!!!

Here it is...all ready to go!!! Just send me an email at to place an order :)

Embellishment Kits

Pink Owls - $11.50 - 2 yoyo flowers, 1 twisted rosette, 2 felt and chenille button flowers, 1 felt and fabric button flower, 1 felt and button flower, 2 pink owl buttons, 1 white owl button, 1 pink floral button, pink and white spot ribbon, pink and white trim, fluffy pink trim, white pearl trim (12 inches of each) **SOLD OUT**

Pink Vintage - $17.50 - 2 rosettes, 1 rosette with pearl centres, 1 large white lace and button flower, 1 small pink and white lace flower, 2 yoyo flowers, doily, pink and brown birds button, pink chenille button, 2 pink floral buttons, white lace, pink lace, pink pearl trim. ** SOLD OUT**

Spotty Denim - $9.50 - 4 denim and fabric button flowers, 8 spotty buttons, purple pom pom

Black and White - $10.50 - 2 black blooms with button centres, 1 black and white yoyo flower, 2 denim and fabric flowers, 1 layered felt and button flower, 5 black and white buttons, black pearl trim, black and white striped ribbon, white lace **SOLD OUT**

Travel - $14 - 2 large chenille and fabric button flowers, denim button, 1 denim and fabric flower, 2 felt and button flowers, 1 denim and felt button flower, crochet doily, 1 frayed fabric flower, 1 rosette, 2 car buttons, 1 spotty button, brown checked ribbon, car ribbon/twill, brown trim **SOLD OUT**

Robots - $11.50 - 2 denim and fabric button flowers, 3 felt and button flowers, 1 frayed fabric flower, 1 polka dot rosette, 2 robot buttons, 2 spotty buttons, 1 denim button, 2 red ribbons, blue pom pom, red pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Paper Kits

Like Father Like Son Kit - $18.00 - 12 Double Sided Papers (see full range HERE) plus mini embellishment pack - 4 layered felt flowers, 1 felt and denim button flower, 1 orange spotty button, pom pom trim, blue stripe ribbon. **1 LEFT**

Wishful Thinking Kit - $18.00 - 12 Double Sided Papers (see full range HERE) plus mini embellishment kit - 2 yoyo flowers, 1 crochet flower, 1 felt and chenille flower, duck button, frog button, lace, cream pearl trim. **1 LEFT**


These buttons are $2.95 for a pack of 3...

Pink Owls **SOLD OUT**

Green Owls **SOLD OUT**

White Owls **SOLD OUT**

Owls on a Branch **SOLD OUT**

Frogs **SOLD OUT**

Mushrooms **SOLD OUT**

Rabbits and Mice **SOLD OUT**

Cars **SOLD OUT**

These buttons are $2.75 for a pack of 3...

Little Bunnys **SOLD OUT**

Little Girls **SOLD OUT**

Little Pandas **SOLD OUT**

Little Deer **SOLD OUT**

Hedgehogs **SOLD OUT**

Now about the postage...for small orders of just a couple of embellishment kits, it is $1.20 (a little more for overseas post), lots of kits will generally be no more than $5. Paper kits will be a little more, starting at $6.50, depending on your area, although you would be able to fit other things in the box too. I will give you definate costs when you order.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!


Tracie said...

And of course I want the most expensive again!!! Email on it's way.
PS Those mushroom buttons are divine!

Corrina said...

Oh Samantha! These are soooooo divine!!!

amanda73 said...

hey sam have sent you an email............. my order is for the wishful thinking kit, the father and son kit
the first 4 embellishment kits...but could you pretty please also add the rabbits and mice buttons please, sam thanks.....

Caro said...

Wow! Simply gorgeous! Do you ship internationally?