Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok, so I'm finally sorted! Have a look, and if you see anything you like, just send me an email to

Embellishment Kits

Denim Girl - 5 denim and felt flowers, 1 denim and chenille flower, 3 polka dot buttons, 2 fabric covered buttons, 1 denim button, 30cm blue pom pom trim, 30cm pink and white trim. **SOLD OUT**

Red & Denim - 2 denim buttons, 2 red polka dot buttons, denim and felt flowers, fabric and felt flowers, felt and chenille flowers, 1 metre of red pom pom, 1 metre of white pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Citrus Owls - 3 Owl fabric buttons, 1 apple button, 3 spotted buttons, 2 felt and button flowers, 1 large fabric flower, 1 metre of lace, 1 metre of pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

LadyBug - 1 Ladybug button, 1 insect button, 2 polka dot buttons, 2 felt and fabric flowers, 1 felt flower, 1 small fabric flower, 1 large fabric flower, 1 metre red pom pom, 1 metre of black pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Heritage - 2 large rosettes, 1 patterned rosette with pearl centre, 2 fabric covered buttons, doily, 3 dark green singed blooms, 2 felt and button flowers, 30cm lace trim, 30cm green decorative trim. **SOLD OUT**

Green Birds - 1 large rosette, 1 doily, 2 bird buttons, 1 camel button, green polka dot button, brown spotty button, 3 felt and button flowers, crochet beaded trim (30cm), 1 metre brown pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Circus - 4 felt and button flowers, 5 felt and fabric flowers, 7 polka dot buttons, 30cm blue pom pom trim, 1 metre red pom pom, 1 metre red lace. **SOLD OUT**

Magic Mushrooms - 1 fabric ruffle flower, 2 mushroom buttons, 3 felt and button flowers, 2 felt and fabric flowers, 2 purple fabric covered buttons, 30cm butterfly ribbon, 1 metre purple pom pom, 1 metre white pom pom. **SOLD OUT**

Purple Pack - 1 fabric ruffle flower, 1 large fabric flower, 6 felt and button flowers, 3 purple polka dot buttons, 2 purple fabric covered buttons. **SOLD OUT**

Now, for the buttons there are 2 prices. These ones are 3 for $2.95

White Owls **SOLD OUT**
Green Owls **SOLD OUT**
Birds **SOLD OUT**

Owls on a Branch **SOLD OUT**

These ones are a smaller size, and are 3 for $2.75.

Green Spot Ladybugs **SOLD OUT**

Pink Spot Ladybugs **SOLD OUT**

Hedgehogs **SOLD OUT**

Little Deer **SOLD OUT**

All these buttons have been made with a flat back (perfect for scrapbooking!)...

Postage costs will vary...$1.20 for a small embellishment pack, or buttons, $2.20 if you are ordering a few packs, and if you are ordering multiple packs, I will pop it into one of those satchels which I think are around $5. For overseas postage it will be $2.20 for a small embellishment pack or buttons. I will give you payment details when you order, and it will be the same as for ordering kits from my other blog :)

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Tracie said...

Email on it's way!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous stuff. Now to win the lottery so I can order it all.

aussiescrapper said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous and super gorgeous, clever girl.

deb famularo said...

oh my goodness. I found your blog from Chantal, and wow- these are so pretty!!!!!!!! I have a hedgehog, I want to buy your hedgehog buttons! I'll e-mail you now! xOxO

Rach said...

I should have got up earlier...nearly missed out!

Lydia said...

Holy moley girl I love your stuff! But it looks like I was a little late in finding you, most of it is sold out!!! Congrats!!! can't wait to see what else you come up with!! I am now a follower!