Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some PL ideas from Lizzy!

Hi there! I seem to have fallen into the pattern of sharing my PL with you once a month - which is all I do it, actually! 
IDEA 1: You can fussy cut your cards to suit/fit the pocket better:
 The finished pocket - note the  CUTE PP bottle cap embellie!
TIP 2: You can cut your cards to create a 'border' for your photo, if the card isn't big enough but you still want the design on it to show:
This also allows room to write/add stamps at the bottom too. The flip side:
TIP 3: I used the PP tickets to write a little journaling on!
Of course, my Motex writer & buttons came in handy! And my completed page:
This month I wanted to experiment with using mainly black & white photos.....for one page, anyways - I think it turned out OK...for my mobile phone photos, it was good, as it seemed to 'hide' the not so good quality shots! 
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
PS: you can find a similar cute PANDA button HERE!

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