Thursday, March 27, 2014

"In the middle of the night" - by Arnlaug Koppang

This page is made for the first challenge at the "new" Color room. The color room are merging with Scrap for Help, and we will incorporate a household item to use with the Palette, making the challenge even more fun, creative and 'green', using some of the throw away items in our crafting.  In the future we will incorporate Cynthia's vision of helping the community, to raise money here and there for worthy charities across the Globe, which we plan to do periodically.  So watch out for that too!!!

This page is made by adding molding paste, mists and then gesso. 
As Junkmail I've used some stamps and also a luggage tag from the vacation I've scrapped:-)

On this page I've used one of my super cute elephant buttons and a ticket from Purple Pumpkin. 

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