Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Happy birthday" - card by Arnlaug Koppang

Today I'm going to show you something I almost never make - a card! I'm really trying to make more to give to my friends and family:-)

A while back I participated in a class of Yasmin. We made a steampunk style canvas.

My card is not in the steampunk style, but I've used the same technique. All you have to do is layer lots of different paper scraps, lace, doilies etc., I've used a doilie and some washi tape from the Purple Pumpkin shop. It's not easy to see but it's there making a nice base for my card.

Then you put on LOTS of different embellishments and junk. It don't have to look pretty together but it looks nicer if you have some kind of "order" in your mess;-) Like gluing strips of paper in the same direction. 

When this is dry you paint everything with gesso and dry it of. And now it's time for the real fun part! Get your mist and choose a few colors and start spraying. this is like magic I think:-)

I love to see something boring or even ugly, get so beautiful in just a few seconds. It's nice to add some black for shade and gold to top it of. I also highlight some parts with gesso. I like to add some stamping and maybe a frame around the card.

 To finish my card up I've printed out "Happy birthday" and glued it on using 3D dots. I've put on a piece of unpainted wood veneer and last but not least this adorable owl button:-)


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Sarah said...

Amazing!! I love everything about it!!