Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Exciting News!

If you're on facebook, you might have seen this last night...


The sale will start at 7pm tomorrow night, but instead of being on the blog, it will be in a special section of our online store. You will just be able to go in, and click 'buy' on the items you would like, and then go to checkout to finalise your sale. It will be so easy! No longer will you have to wait for days on an email to find out if you even got what you were after. You'll see straight away what is sold out and what is available!!

As you can tell, we are pretty excited about this, and what it will mean for you guys, our wonderful customers. And to celebrate the opening of our store, we are offering FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE for all orders placed during our January sale!!

We will also now be offering items such as tickets, twine and spotty buttons ALL THE TIME, not just on sale night!

Make sure you head over to our new shop and REGISTER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A $50 VOUCHER! All registered customers will go into the draw, and the winner will be announced tomorrow night, just before the sale!! Click HERE to go to the store and REGISTER!


Annette Bowes said...

Congratulations ladies, wishing you a most successful year, take careX:)

Лілюська-Lilia said...

This is an amazing news!!! Congratulations and BIG THANK YOU!!
Once I got out of bad at 6 am only to place an order. I was so sorry to hear everything I ordered was already gone... Thank you for this amazing solution!!!

Kerry said...

Fantastic as I am always afraid of running out of tickets and twine and don't use it as much as I want. I have registered. The tickets dont say how many you get for the price { just incas you have over looked it } Thanks and good luck.

Лілюська-Lilia said...

My friend tried to register today, although she's in Ukraine and wasn't able to do so. Could you please help?

Lizzy Hill said...

I'm registered & almost as excited as you are about your online store. WONDERFUL idea for everyone:):)