Friday, October 14, 2011

Purple Pumpkin October Sale - NOW ON!!


Hello and welcome to Purple Pumpkin's October Sale! We've got another huge listing for you tonight, with new kits, flowers, buttons and twine. This is our second last sale of the year, as we will be taking Dec/Jan off, so if you love our embellishments, it's time to start stocking up!!


For any new customers all you need to do is have a look, see what you'd like to order, then send me an email to I'll email you back with your final amount including postage and payment details. It's that easy! You might want to get in quick though, as it does tend to sell out FAST!

ALL CUSTOMERS **When you're placing your order, could you please also include your full name and address**

International orders are welcome.

Payment is by direct deposit or paypal (please specify how you would like to pay)

Postage for Australia is usually $1.20 for buttons and a few embellishment kits. Larger orders are a little bit more. International postage rates start from $2.20.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Dog Kit - $13.50

Owl Kit - $15 **SOLD OUT**

Babushka Kit - $15.50 **SOLD OUT**

Red Bird Mini Kit - $9 **SOLD OUT**

Vintage Girl Mini Kit - $7 (picture on button may be different from that shown, but all are cut from the same fabric and are equally cute) **SOLD OUT**

Monkey Mini Kit - $7.50

Tiger Mini Kit - $7

Orange Kit - $11 **SOLD OUT**

Purple Kit - $12 **SOLD OUT**

Blue/Red Kit - $9


Halloween Kit - $15.50 **SOLD OUT**

Halloween Button 6 Pack - $6 (you will receive 3 picture and 3 spotty buttons)

Halloween Spotty Buttons Tops - $3.95 pack of 3

Halloween Orange/Green/Purple Banner Kit - $3.50

Purple/Black Banner Kit 0 $3.50

Orange/Black Banner Kit - $3.50

Halloween Twine - $1.75 for 5 metres

Spotty Button Tops(pack of 3) - $3.95...Banner Kits - $3.50

Blue/Red Spotty Button Tops

Blue/Red Banner Kit

Pink/Blue Spotty Button Tops

Pink/Blue Banner Kit

Felt Clouds - $2 for a pack of 8

Blue Clouds

White Clouds

JUMBO Star Rounds - (approx 5.5cm across) - $2 each

Jumbo Star Round Yellow/Green

Jumbo Star Round Red/Blue

VINYL COGS - $3.50 for 3 large/3 small

Yellow Vinyl Cogs

Blue Vinyl Cogs


Black/Red Felt Flowers $3.95 for 2

Brown/Brown Felt Flowers $3.95 for 2

Fancy Button Fabric/Denim Flower Black/White - $2.50

Denim Flower with Fancy Button Centre - $2 each

Black Felt and Lace Flower - $2.50 each

Green Felt and Lace Flower $2.50

Light Blue Felt and Lace Flower - $2.50

Hessian Lollipops - $3 pack of 2




These next flowers $2.50 each

Denim Flowers

Red Spot/Denim Flower

Blue Spot/Denim Flower

Green Spot Denim Flower


Available in packs of 50. Sizes given are when bag is sealed.

7cm x 6cm - $2.50
7cm x 9cm - $2.75
8cm x 11cm - $3.00
9cm x 10cm - $3.00
10cm x 12cm - $3.25

TICKETS!! - $1.50 strip of 20 (please specify colour)

Ticket Colours (from top) White, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Fuschia/Purple

NEW TWINE - $1.75 for 5 metres.

NEW Blue Twine

NEW Grey Twine

NEW Light Yellow Twine

TWINE - sold in 5 metre packs - $1.75 each

Yellow Green Brown Black Purple Light Green Pink Red Light Pink Aqua Orange


XL Owl and Tree Buttons - Set of 2 for $3.50

Orange Owl and Tree Buttons

Blue Owl and Tree Buttons

BIG XL BUTTONS - $2 each (these are all our largest sized button)

XL Truck Green

XL Tractor Green

XL White Panda

XL Pink Panda

XL Skull

XL Chinese Girl 1

XL Chinese Girl 2

XL Chinese Girl 3

XL Chinese Girl 4

Boy/red background

XL Girl/red background

XL Whales 2 pack - $3

These XL Buttons are $1.50 each

NEW XL Fish Button

XL Alphabet White - $1.50

XL Alphabet Navy - $1.50

XL Strawberry - $1.50

XL Banner Button

XL Stars - $1.50

XL Spotty Buttons (largest size)$1.50 each

XL White/Black Spot

XL Purple

XL Light Brown

Green XL Red XL Pink XL Black XL BLUE XL Yellow XL BUTTON

XL Dark Blue Button

Button 6 Packs - 6 buttons for $6

NEW Cupcake 6 pack **SOLD OUT**

Fireman Teddy 6 pack

Mixed Spotty Button 6 pack

China Girl 6 Pack

Hello Kitty 6 Pack

Skull 6 Pack

Scooter Boy 6 Pack

Button 3 packs - $3.15 for 3 buttons

Animal Buttons Blue

Pink Panda Buttons

Blue Panda Buttons

NEW Green Bees

Red Bees Buttons

Blue Bees Buttons

Vintage People Buttons

Red Fish Buttons

These buttons are our smallest size and are $2.95 for 3

Mini Apple Buttons

Mini Pink Zoo Animals


Liz said...

Wowzers Sam such wonderful pretties, seems bigger and better each release. I have popped my order in, thanks! Keep up the great work!

Scattychick said...

It's a gorgeous release I got my order in after only 1 minute lol Now waiting anxiously for the email heehee

Lizzy said...

Fantastic goodies Samantha

I've put my order in.

Helen Tilbury said...
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Helen Tilbury said...

Uuugh I've been a dufus & got the timing wrong!!