Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buttons and Doily's... a combination heaven sent.

Today I wanted to share a LO I created while on retreat. It was a colour challenge and they were Pink, Black Grey and White. If you know me, this is a REAL challenge as I don't do pink. I did however have a fabulous pink doily and button from Purple Pumpkin.

As you can see, my obsession with bottle caps has continued. I discovered you can heat emboss them to change their colour.

I also found this fabulous quote about poetry. "Poetry is just the evidence of life, if your life is burning bright, Poetry is just the Ash".

Hope you are all having a fabulous creative day. Anne


Belinda said...

Oooohh!! This is beautiful Anne. You are seriously inspiring me with the bottlecaps under the buttons. Now to find some!! :-)

Lacee broyles said...

This is super cool, and you did pink perfectly!!!

Alanna said...

Bottlecap under the button looks fabulous! Will definitely give that a go!

Melinda said...

Totally inspirational Anne!!! Love how you have layered up your button and WOW the title really ROCKS!!!