Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Hours To Go!!

It isn't long now before we start our first sale of the year! Here's another little peek at what will be on offer at 7.30pm tonight (Queensland time)...

These layered vintage chenille lollipop flowers are GORGEOUS, and one of my favourite embellishments at the moment. Layers of vintage pink and white chenille are layered on a base of denim, and then finished off with pink and white pearl beads sewn on top.

Look who's back in a different colour! These pandas are just too cute!

And of course there are the super popular felt and spotty button flowers. These were one of the best selling items at Purple Pumpkin last year, and they'll be on offer tonight in yummy kit co-ordinating colours.

Well, back to the grind!! So far we've packaged about half the kits, so we have a busy day ahead of us. See you right here on the blog at 7.30pm tonight!!!

PS - if you are in a different time zone, just keep an eye on the clock on the right side of the blog there :)


Charmane said...

oohh wow! looks like we're going to have so much to choose from!!! gorgeous!!!

Belinda said...

Oh YAY!!1 Love your releases Sam...can't wait till whatever time it will be here in to work it out!! LOL

Melinda said...

OH flippy fabulous!!! Can't wait Sam! I hope I don't miss out! xx

Leah A said...

Oh dear. I think my bank balance is going to plummet tonight. So many gorgeous new things.

Michelle H. said...

Really loving all your new products!!