Friday, November 12, 2010


Hi everyone! It's update time again, and I have lots of new kits, mini kits and buttons!!! This is our second last listing of the year, so make sure you stock up on all your Christmas embellies. A lot of these ones won't be seen again!

When you're placing your order, could you please also include your address. I know, I've already got a lot of people's addresses already, but if I get your address with the order, I can write out the envelope and pack it straight away. This will save me from having to look it up, so I can get through everything a lot quicker.


For any new customers all you need to do is have a look, see what you'd like to order, then send me an email to I'll email you back with your final amount including postage and payment details. It's that easy! You might want to get in quick though, as it does tend to sell out FAST!

International orders are welcome.

Payment is by direct deposit or paypal.

Postage for Australia is usually $1.20 for buttons and a few embellishment kits. Larger orders are a little bit more. International postage rates start from $2.20.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Santa Kit Green - $22 - Layered fabric flower, denim and fabric flower, twisted rosette, fabric round, star felt and button round, dyed doily, XL Santa button, XL xmas tree button, 4 medium xmas buttons, green and white twine, green and white spot ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Santa Kit Red - $22 - layered fabric flower, twisted rosette, fabric round, fabric and denim round, singed bloom, felt star and button round, dyed doily, XL red santa button, XL tree button, 4 medium xmas buttons, red and white twine, xmas tree ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Gingerbread Man Kit - $15 - velvet and pearl ruffle flower, fabric and denim round, XL gingerbread man button, gingerbread house button, 5 xmas buttons, red and white twine, red pom pom trim, yellow check ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Christmas Mix Kit - $11.50 - 2 yoyo flowers, 1 felt star and button round, snowman, santa, present and xmas tree buttons, xmas spot ribbon, red pom pom trim. **SOLD OUT**

Gorgeous Girls Kit - $18 - fabric and chenille layered flower, 2 denim and fabric flowers, dyed doily, 3 gorgeous girls buttons, 4 spotty buttons, blue and white twine, purple check ribbon, purple pom pom trim. **SOLD OUT**

Adorable Animals Kit - $18 - yellow and blue dyed doilys, yoyo flower, fabric and chenille flower, 2 chenille buttons, 3 adorable animals buttons, 4 spot/floral buttons, blue and white twine, orange and white spot ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Woodland Critters Kit $15 - yoyo flower, fabric and chenille flower, doily, owl, hedgehog, olive hedgehog, teddy and little dear buttons, 4 patterned buttons, braided trim. 2 bonus plastic doilys. **SOLD OUT**

Panda Kit - $12.50 - XL panda button, mushroom button, 3 spotty buttons, yoyo flower, denim and fabric flower, blue and white twine, yellow check ribbon, red pom pom trim. Plastic doily. **SOLD OUT**

Pirate Kit - $21 - fabric and chenille flower, 2 spotty denim flowers, felt and button round, die cut skull and crossbones, dyed doily, denim button, XL Pirate Ship Button, Pirate Button (pirates may vary but all are super cute), 2 skull and crossbones buttons, 3 spotty buttons, red and white twine, black check ribbon, red pom pom trim. **SOLD OUT**

Astronaut Kit - $12.50 - 3 spotty denim flowers, XL Rocket Button, Dancing Astronaut Button, 2 spotty buttons, denim button, red check and blue check ribbons. **SOLD OUT**

Snowman Mini Kit - $7.50 - yoyo flower, XL Snowman button, 3 xmas buttons. **1 LEFT**

Pirate Mini Kit - $7 - 2 spotty denim flowers, pirate ship button, skull and crossbones button, 2 spotty buttons. **SOLD OUT**

Mushroom Mini Kit - $8 - yoyo flower, 2 mushroom buttons, 3 pink patterned buttons, pearl trim, pink check ribbon. **SOLD OUT**

Tweetie Mini Kit - $6.50 - fabric and chenille flower, XL Tweetie button, 2 spotty buttons, purple check ribbon. **1 LEFT**

Babushka Mini Kit - $6.50 - fabric and chenille flower, 2 babushka buttons, 2 patterned/spot buttons, pearl trim. **SOLD OUT**


These will be sold in packs of 3 and 6.

3 packs will be $4.25. 6 packs are $8. Please just specify which size pack you would like when ordering...

Christmas Button Rounds **SOLD OUT**

Pirate Rounds **SOLD OUT**

Skull Rounds **SOLD OUT**

Christmas Traditional **SOLD OUT**

Christmas Bright **SOLD OUT**


The XL Buttons are sold individually, even though some are photographed in pairs. They are all $2 each...

Gingerbread Girl **SOLD OUT**

XL Pink Owl **SOLD OUT**

XL Bird - Beige Background **SOLD OUT**

XL Bird - Green Background **SOLD OUT**

XL Teddy Girl **SOLD OUT**

XL Teddy Boy **1 LEFT**

Mixed Button Packs - $8.00 for 8 buttons

Spotty Button Mix **1 LEFT**

Blue Mix Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Pink Mix Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Brown & Green Mix Buttons **SOLD OUT**


These ones are $3.15 for 3...

Pink Chenille **SOLD OUT**

Doves **1 LEFT**

Silver trees **SOLD OUT**

Christmas1 **SOLD OUT**

Christmas 2 **SOLD OUT**

Christmas 3 **SOLD OUT**

Christmas 4 **SOLD OUT**

These next NEW ones are $2.95 for 3...

Small Christmas 1 **SOLD OUT**

Small Christmas 2 **SOLD OUT**

Small Christmas 3 **SOLD OUT**

Small Christmas 4 **SOLD OUT**
And these buttons are $3.15 for 3...

Bees **SOLD OUT**

Aeroplane Teddy (you will receive 1 aeroplane teddy, 1 plane & 1 helicopter)

Pink Bunnies (you will receive 1 bunny, 1 pram, 1 rattle) **SOLD OUT**

Owl on a Branch Olive **SOLD OUT**

Critters in Cars **SOLD OUT**

Cute Bugs **SOLD OUT**

Oriental Rabbits Brown **SOLD OUT**

Green Ladybug **SOLD OUT**

Pink Cars **SOLD OUT**

Green Owl Buttons **SOLD OUT**

White Owl Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Pink Owl Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Blue Owl Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Cars (car images may vary but all are very cute)**SOLD OUT**

Oriental Rabbits **SOLD OUT**

Blue Cats Buttons **SOLD OUT**

Blue Bears **SOLD OUT**

Pink Bears**SOLD OUT**

Babushka Dolls**SOLD OUT**

White Hedgehogs**SOLD OUT**

Pink Hedgehogs**SOLD OUT**

These buttons are the smaller size and are $2.95 for a pack of 3...

Baby Boy Buttons (you will receive 1 teddy, 1 plane and 1 train)**SOLD OUT**

NEW!! Critter Faces**SOLD OUT**

Yellow Ladybug**SOLD OUT**

Blue Ladybug**SOLD OUT**

Cars and Buses**SOLD OUT**

Little Deer**SOLD OUT**

Little Blue Hedgehogs**SOLD OUT**

Blue Scarf Girls **SOLD OUT**

Pink Spot Ladybugs**SOLD OUT**

Green Spot Ladybugs**SOLD OUT**

Mini Apples**SOLD OUT**


Monica said...

Ooohhh, jusy saw these!!!
I've put an order in Sam :0)

Liz Weber said...

Gorgeous kits Sam, LOVE the christmas kits and just adore all the gorgeous colours in all of the kits. The buttons and felt flowers look fab. Thanks for all your hard work. I have sent in my email!

Gisèle said...

such yummy goodies!!!!

amanda73 said...

did my order....hope you got my ammended email....